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At Cimtech, we employ systems at the forefront of today’s
technology to produce thousands of component parts every day.

An American Manufacturer

Bringing Quality to the Market Place
Manufacturing Technology with Integrity...

Generating new ideas

WBE - A certified woman owned business
Using Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology, Cimtech satisfies
the demands of today’s original equipment manufacturers, bringing quality parts
to satisfied customers time after time after time.

Many of our customers use Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing, so we understand...
and live up to demanding delivery schedules.

At Cimtech, it’s not enough that our parts are right, they must also be right on schedule.
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Cimtech is about redefining efficiency

At Cimtech, we provide a business process that lowers customer’s total cost
of production and increases their profit, estimates accurately and takes the
risk out of the buying process.

We understand expedient production and delivery times are critical, lowering
total cost of production and delivering On Time, On Spec, and On Budget.

325 Park East Blvd.
New Albany, IN 47150
Tel: 812.948.1472
Fax: 812.948.1436

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